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Fujitsu IO Connector High Speed Connectors


The microGiGaCN is the market’s original high-speed, differential-signal, copper interconnect for high-performance (data I/O) applications. Pioneered by Fujitsu, the microGiGaCN is a cost-effective alternative to fiber for Serial/LVDS high-speed bandwidth requirements.

Tested to real-life performance criteria, the engineering community has embraced microGiGaCN. Standards organizations for InfiniBand SDR, DDR, and QDR, 10G Fiber Channel, 10G Ethernet, Serial Attached SCSI, and Serial Attached ATA2 have selected microGiGaCN for various applications.

MicroGiGaCN features a simple and reliable construction, while offering a flexible, cost-effective solution for high-speed data transfer of >20m. The board-to-board product offers various mounting configurations, with proven performance to 10Gbps / differential pair.

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Fujitsu MicroSD, CompactFlash,  PCMCIA PC Card  Connectors PC Card Connectors - MicroSD, CompactFlash, CardBus

Fujitsu offers a broad range of memory card connectors: MicroSD, CompactFlash, PC Card Connectors, including CardBus connectors.

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Fujitsu Compact PCI Connector Compact PCI

Fujitsu offers Compact PCI 2mm Hard Metric Backplane Connectors that are developed to support high-speed transmission/high-density packaging of communication equipment.

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Fujitsu Half Pitch, ribbon cable  Connector Half Pitch Connectors

Fujitsu has board-to-board and cable-to-board plugs in a variety of styles, including Cable Mount, Shrouded Header, Rectangular and Unshrouded.

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Fujitsu PC Board Connector PC Board Connectors

Fujitsu’s PC Board connectors are available in a variety of board-mount and interface configurations, contact positions, mounting height, and mounting face options for nearly any conceivable board-to-board or cable-to-board need.

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Fujitsu Copper Module - alternative to fiber networks Copper Modules

Fujitsu’s copper modules are a reliable, high-speed alternative to fiber for short-reach networking applications. Compliant with the latest interface standards, Fujitsu’s modules and converters reduce the cost per port by offering a low-cost copper solution that has the flexibility to support VSR parallel optics through a single port.

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Fujitsu optical parallel optical transceiver Optical Media Converter

Fujitsu has developed a new bi-directional 4-channel optical parallel optical transceiver, applying a three dimensional polymer waveguide newly developed as a pivotal optical platform to which optical devices and fibers are optically integrated or assembled. The waveguide provided a novel low-cost solution to simplify the complicated structure and process of optical assembly, and enabled optoelectronic devices and ICs to be mounted on a small single circuit board, which contributed to optimizing the high speed circuit design and assuring high signal integrity.

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