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Crest Technologies is the official Australian distributor for Fujitsu Components and Fujitsu Microelectronics.


Fujtisu Components

Fujitsu Components has established itself as a specialist in electromechanical components ( connectors, relays, resistive touch panels, keyboards, pointing and input devices, KVM switches, and thermal printer mechanisms ).


Fujitsu Connectors


Fujitus micorGigaCN Connectors
microGiGaCN™ Connectors


Fujitsu KVM Switches
KVM Switches



Fujitsu Keyboards

/Pointing Devices

Fujtisu Takamisawa Relays

Fujitsu Touchpanels

Resistive Touch Panels

Fujitsu Thermal Printers

Thermal Standalone Printers

Fujitsu Optical Modules

Optical Modules


 Fujitsu Cooperate with @Lab

Fujitsu Optical Modules

Touch Sensor Controller


Touch sensor Demostration

Wireless Lan Modules

Bluetooth Modules

WLan& Bluetooth Combo Modules

Wireless Modules


Wireless LAN, Bluetooth®, and WLAN & Bluetooth® combo modules for the latest applications and technologies.

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Fujitsu Components:


Fujtisu Semiconductors

Fujitsu Semiconductors provides complete semi-conductor solutions – high-performance,leading-edge products and value-added services for the networking, wireless,automotive, industrial, consumer, and security markets.


For further information visit:
Fujitsu Semiconductors America:
Fujitsu Semiconductors Asia:
Fujitsu Semiconductors Europe:



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