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Voice Module

Voice Playback Module with inbuilt amplifier [ LVDA-V2 ]

Voice playback Module with built in amplifier

This amplified voice playback module is ideal for any situation were a voice recording is needed for alerting somebody. It enables you to store a personalized recorded message, and playback this message back once a sensor / input attached to this voice module is triggered.

It has successfully been installed into security applications, and is also a valuable tool to help the elderly and/or visually impaired.

Most common alerting devices sound a high pitched buzzer. For the elderly / visually impaired, this can become annoying, but more importantly does not warn them of any dangerous situation. A sounded message like "don't touch", "hot water" ... etc is much more useful.

All you need is to simply connect power, a speaker, and any external sensor / trigger device.


  • Able to record a message up to 16 seconds in length.
  • Message will remain permanently, even after power is removed
  • 12V DC operation.
  • Includes a 5Watt inbuilt amplifier
  • DIMENSIONS: 53W X 66.5L X 14H mm

    Manual Voice Playback Amplified Module LVDA-V2

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